Feasibility Study

Feasibility study on core production equipment in the process industry, including market forecast, product scheme and production scale, process technology scheme, initial modularization scheme; construction investment estimation and logistics strategy, etc.

Market forecast

Forecast of domestic and foreign market conditions

Analysis of product prices

Product scheme and production scale

Selection and comparison of product schemes

Whether the product schemes comply with the national industrial policies, the industry development planning, technical policies, product structures and national requirements on clean production

Principles and reasons for determining the production scale and the scale of each unit (in terms of daily and annual output);

Varieties, quantities and specifications of products, intermediate products and by-products

Process technology scheme

Selection of process technology schemes;

Process flow and consumption quota;

Self-control technology scheme;

Selection of major equipment

Initial modularization scheme

Modularization feasibility

Modularization size

Construction investment estimation

Fixed assets costs

Intangible assets costs

Deferred asset costs and reserve funds

Logistics strategies